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The Benefits of a Hydrotherapy Swim Spa


The use of water to soothe and heal has been acknowledged for many hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew a thing or two about the healing and invigorating properties of water, as do we. Our designs incorporate directional multi-jet and hydrotherapy jets to give a superior hydrotherapy experience with maximum benefit together with the luxury of a swimming pool.

Water as a healing agent

The power of water as a healing element lies in its thermal and physical effects. The nerves of the body respond to the stimuli of water pressure and this can stimulate the immune system, the digestive system and the circulation. The skin and the muscles respond positively to the improvement in blood flow which comes from the wonderful feeling of warm water flowing across the body. This can facilitate faster healing and lessened pain.

Cold water can invigorate and stimulate the body and senses, making you more alert and ready for the day to come. But the glory of hydrotherapy is in warm water. When bubbling across your body the warm water of a hydrotherapy swim spa will relax you completely to reduce stress and relieve tension. Coming straight after a swim session – which you have at one end of our revolutionary hydrotherapy swim spas – relaxing in the hydrotherapy end will offer an unrivalled massage experience.

Hydrotherapy for health

But of course for those who suffer with health issues the hydrotherapy swim spa is more than just a sports and massage facility. Hydrotherapy can help with a range of conditions including:

Whatever your pain or ailment, the benefits of hydrotherapy are worth consideration as hydrotherapy not only stimulates blood flow to internal organs to improve function, but it also encourages relaxation to loosen tense, tight muscles – perfect for muscular injuries and also for stress. In fact, it can also work to induce relaxation and aid sleep. The combination of gentle non-weight bearing exercise like swimming and the effects of warm water at gentle pressure are also known to relieve the pain of joint and skeleto-muscular disorders. For aesthetic benefits, hydrotherapy can work to hydrate the cells to improve skin tone and condition.

Hydrotherapy has established, proven benefits for health and well-being and is widely prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists for a whole range of health issues in order to help patients get back on their feet and back to their best.