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Celebrities and Swim Spas – Who’s Got What?

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Swim spas used to be one of those things that it was assumed only the wealthy would have in their homes but this is simply not the case any more. Whilst they do represent a fairly significant investment, and come with an air of prestige, more and more people are discovering the benefits of installing a private swim spa. They are great for improving general fitness, for relaxation or for more intense competition training. Best of all, having a swim spa means no having to share public facilities or worrying about an insecure locker.

And if you’re thinking of having a swim spa you’ll be in very good company as many celebrities appreciate the stress-busting qualities of a private swim spa too.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress who inspired the most famous hairstyle of them all knows the importance of keeping herself looking and feeling good and her fabulous Asian-inspired bathroom is all set up with a salon style sink to indulge her passion for keeping her hair looking perfect. She loves to have massages and spa treatments in her own home too.

Donna Karan

Fashion designer Donna Karan is so in love with her home spas, calling them her favourite rooms, she has one in each of her three homes and is quoted as saying that “No home is complete without a spa.” Who could disagree with that statement when it comes from the queen of style? Her spas were incorporated into the design of her homes and are an elegant showcase of relaxing tranquillity.

Michael Bay

Famous for directing and producing all-action big-budget movies like Transformers, Pearl Harbour and Armageddon Michael Bay loves to unwind in his exquisite bathroom which is bang on trend with a natural stone tub and rain-effect shower. The master filmmaker possesses a stunningly beautiful example of a spa bathroom.

Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback knows the value of a post-game massage and spa treatment so he has transformed a room in his home into an exercise and spa room which would grace any 7-star hotel. It is equipped with a massage table and chair plus a hyperbaric chamber to promote healing.

Joey Lawrence

Actor Joey Lawrence has one of the biggest bathrooms ever which features a steam shower, jet Swim Spa and dry sauna. With a combination of rustic beams and a classic blue and white tile decor this is truly a spa bathroom you’d love to spend time in.

Whether for training, therapy, relaxation or family fun gatherings, celebrities know the joy of having their own private swim spa – isn’t it time you joined them?