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Celebration 35 Years of innovation in Spa Pools and Swim Spas

Spa De La Mare celebrates 35 Years of innovation in Spa Pools and Swim Spas


Whether you’ve set foot in a local day spa, or have considered installing spa facilities in your home or leisure establishment, you won’t fail to recognise the name Spa De La Mare. As industry leaders when it comes to spa pools and swim spas, Spa De La Mare is proud to celebrate 35 years as a business. However, with over 70 years director experience of innovating and building custom made products, and with over 3,600 spa pools and swim spas built to date, including our supply and installation of spa facilities on the QE2, the future seems to be in our hands.

A proven track record in providing spa facilities

Spa De La Mare were first to bring tiled spa pools and swim spas to the UK, delivering spa solutions to high profile clients and providing a bespoke quality service to every individual customer. We provide a wide selection of multi jet hydrotherapy spa pools for homes, spas, leisure centres and hotels. With a range of more than 20 styles available and the choice of custom made designs, each spa pool is unique to every client’s needs. In addition to this, every spa pool is structured with materials able to withstand the elements, ensuring they suit all environments and can stand the test of time. If you’re looking for something that really stands out, our spa pools can be customised to meet individual needs such as dramatic features, waterfalls or hydrotherapy jets.

Why our clients choose Spa De La Mare

Swim spas are ideal for those not wanting the hassle of maintaining a full sized swimming pool, and our clients appreciate the easy maintenance of a swim spa that offers all the health benefits of a full sized spa. Our spas come in various styles with a selection of different sizes and have a high quality porcelain finish. All swim spas come equipped with swim jets, supercharger and air blower, a patented compressed air massaging system, and Venturi Massager. In addition to this, Spa De La Mare’s range of Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular – with a high quality finish in a selection of colours and massage technology, they are the perfect fit for any environment.

The health benefits of the spa

The use of multi jet and hydrotherapy jets are incorporated into our designs due to the benefits to health and wellbeing. Hydrotherapy can promote blood circulation, rehydrate skin cells and relieve tension, tiredness, arthritis and rheumatism. In addition to this, for those looking to treat health problems including acne, colds, stress, sleep disorders, headaches depression and joint problems, a spa could be just the tonic you need.

It’s not just leisure centres and hotels that Spa De La Mare provide for, in fact we have a number of high profile clients that have chosen us to install spa pools and swim spas in private yachts and homes. Couple this with our work on Cunard cruise ships and the QE2, and you’ll recognise our pedigree in the industry. Such prestigious clients demonstrate the high quality Spa De La Mare provide to all of our customers, and we hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.