Swim Spa De La Mare

Meet the Cleopatra V Swim Spa


If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury swim spas then you need to look for those that offer high end design combined with the latest in spa technology. For those unable to settle for anything less than the perfect swim spa, look no further than the Cleopatra 5, the perfect swim spa for those who want the indulgence of a high quality swim spa to give their workout and hydrotherapy relaxation sessions a touch of class.

Why a swim spa?

A swim spa is cleverly designed to let you vary the intensity of your swim workout. If you are feeling particularly energetic you can really test your strength and fitness by adjusting the pressure of the variable swimjets to give less buoyancy and more water resistance for a faster swim speed. Alternatively, you can turn it down a little and just lay back and relax, like floating on air. All swim spas are not created equal however, so choosing one that offers everything you need for a workout or relaxation, alongside the right look for your home can be tricky. The Cleopatra 5, however, is an easy choice to make for any setting.

Why the Cleopatra 5?

The Cleopatra 5 offers the very latest luxury spa experience for your own home and is beautiful to look at, presenting in classically sculptured style. It is finished in very pleasing style with Emaux de Briare mosaic tiles. The high quality design and finish would enhance any style of home or surroundings and its opulent design is practical as well as lovely to look at and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The construction of this stunning swim spa ensures maximum efficiency of heat retention and it comes equipped with a floating thermal heat retention cover, so no need to worry about the water temperature dipping while you pop out to fix another round of refreshments! The controls and plant room operation is fully digital and easy to use and the three pump filtration system and variable use heat exchanger gives maximum energy efficiency.

Perfect for all the Family

The generous dimensions of the Cleopatra 5 are as stunning as the design. The swim pool is a very useful 3 metres wide and 1.45 metres deep which is perfect for all, including the little ones. You can choose between a variety of lengths, from 7 to 9 metres long, depending on your personal preference and surroundings.

In addition to all this, the hydrotherapy spa of the Cleopatra 5 is the last word in sumptuousness. You can relax away any aches and pains, stress and tension while the spa’s multijets gently massage you. For a thorough de-stress, keep alternating between the swim and the spa. This is a much nicer way to maintain your fitness levels, and much more fun with family and friends, than slogging away in a gym.

With all this to offer, it’s easy to see why discerning clients love the Cleopatra 5, and as the proud owner of a swim spa such as this one, you will feel the benefits of high end technology, as well as appreciating the aesthetic pleasures of your new swim spa.