Swim Spa De La Mare

How to Maintain Your Swim Spa


Properly maintaining a swim spa is not overly difficult or expensive task, especially when you compare it to the cost and labour that is associated with a full-sized swimming pool. Your Spa De La Mare Swim Spa is designed to last a lifetime however It’s essential you implement a regular maintenance schedule for your swim spa to ensure it maintains the exacting standards from which it is built.Here are a few helpful tips on how to properly maintain your spa.

Spa Chemistry

Keeping track of your swim spa chemistry sounds a lot more daunting than it actually is. Tasks such as checking the pH levels every day (or before using the swim spa) will become second nature before you know it. The key to dealing with your spa’s chemistry is simply being informed on what to look for.

The pH levels in your swim spa for example, should be close to 7.4 (the pH level close to that of the human eye).You will need to treat your swim spa with chlorine or Bromine, the correct levels of which will be advised by Spa De La Mare on receipt of your pool, and they should also be able to give you information on the correct levels of calcium hardness for your area.

Total alkalinity of your swim spa should be around 160 parts per million to ensure that the water is safe for swimming in, it will also prevent your filtration and heating systems from corroding. You can purchase either disposable test strips or a pH level tester kit to keep track of your spa’s chemistry.

Water Cycle

Spa De La Mare use the finest pump and filtration equipment in the industry. By doing so you can rest assured that the water in your Swim Spa is always in a perfect state when following the guides laid out above.

Help is a phone call away

Spa De La Mare believes strongly in a customer service ethic that goes beyond the installation of one of our luxury units. Our team is on hand during working hours to advise and guide you through the maintenance process. On delivery of your new pool you will be presented with a maintenance pack consisting of the core chemicals you need to ensure a healthy pool that will withstand as much usage as you, your family or your friends can throw at it.

Built to last

The original Swim Spas installed by Spa De La Mare in 1988 are still going strong today because they have been maintained, but best of all they have been enjoyed and used regularly. Regular usage of you Spa De La Mare Swim Spa will ensure the mechanical parts are run frequently helping the unit to sustain its perfect working order.

Purchasing a luxury Swim Spa is a life changing decision that will put a new perspective on exercise and relaxation within the home. Not forgetting the benefits of Hydrotherapy.