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How to Make Your Swim Spa Uniquely Yours

Bespoke Spa Pool

No doubt if you’re investing in a luxury swim spa, you’ll want to make it truly unique to fit your exact aesthetic requirements, as well as to maximise the benefits of installing one too. Whilst many of the swim spas are pre-designed to certain shapes and specifications, the great news is there are still a number of other personal customization that can be made to make them uniquely yours.

Let’s take a look at how you can personalize your swim spa to fit your very own tastes, needs and style.

The Design

First and foremost you need to find the right design, shape and size to suit the space you intend to fill with a swim spa. There’s a huge choice available, from standalone hydrotherapy spas through to combined swim spa models with a pool and hydrotherapy spa in varying lengths that will ensure you get the most benefit to your health and well-being. You just have to decide on the right shape, size and design that will enhance your relaxation and enjoyment.

Easy Access

With any swim spa you want to make sure that getting in and out is nice and easy, so you’ll find a number of different options depending on the design you choose. Whether you want a swim spa with ladders or built-in steps, you can personalise your access points to suit your mobility and style requirements.

Jet Positioning

Swim spas also offer the option to customise jet positions in the hydrotherapy spa. Naturally, each person will have different preferences on where the jets want to target. When designing your swim spa, it’s possible to position jets to suit your size and height to reach specific areas. This can be particularly appealing if you’re suffering from ailments such as lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis or circulation problems, as the jets can be positioned in the best place to help alleviate aches, pains and improve blood flow.

Style and colour

The other aspect to consider is the style and colour of your pool. While you can buy off-the-shelf designs, there is also the possibility to create a bespoke design that’s personal to you. From signature motifs or decorative detailing, to selecting different colours and textures to complement the rest of your swim spa area, there is a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from, whether you want shimmering two-tone glass or a solid colour mosaics.

Getting the right swim spa to suit your unique needs by considering the above customisation options will be sure to give you a better swim spa experience.