Cleo II Stock Sale 2 - Cleopatra II SwimSpa 6m x 2.5m and Filtration System

Multi Jet Hydrotherapy Cleopatra II Swimspa with roller heat retention blanket, designed to meet the calming ambiance of the room.

Cleopatra II SwimSpa 6m x 2.5m metre deep

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PinExt - Cleopatra II SwimSpa 6m x 2.5m and Filtration System
  • Multi-jet hydrotherapy spa.
  • Three variable swimjets with air and water flow control.
  • Mosaic tiled finish
  • Energy efficient.
  • High density full foam block construction giving maximum heat retention and support which exceeds Part L of spa/swimming pool regulations insulated to 0.25u or lower.
  • Easy installation.
  • Floating thermal heat retention cover.
  • Underwater light.
  • Filtration – Three Pump system, variable speed air blower, electric heater or heat exchanger (exchanges heat from other heat source i.e. gas/oil boiler), cartridge filter or sand filter.
  • Single or 3 phase electric.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Spa side and plant room digital touch pad including time clock.

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    Cleopatra II SwimSpa 7m and Filtration System