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Can a Swim Spa reduce stress?


Can a Swim Spa Help Reduce Both Mental and Physical Stress?


Water has long been regarded as a calming, relaxing entity. Using water to reduce stress levels and release tension has been practiced for many hundreds of years. The Romans and Greeks used it as a way to wind down – an almost ritual engagement that happened on a regular basis.


Swim spa these days are obviously a little more high tech, and are all about hydrotherapy and multi-jet technology. However, the principles haven’t changed, and just like in the ancient times, these elements work together to promote both mental and physical well-being – only more so.

What is it about water and swim spas that relieve stress and pain so well?

The nervous system in our bodies reacts well to the stimulus of thermal water pressure. This in turn stimulates the immune system, the digestive system and circulation. Circulation is key to the improvement and wellbeing of skin and muscles. The combination of gentle non-weight bearing exercise like swimming and the effects of warm water at gentle pressure (hydrotherapy treatment) gives your body a boost helping you overcome pain and heal faster.


Relaxing, yet rejuvenating

The warm, bubbling sensation of a swim spa triggers a relaxation hormone within the body, relieving both physical and mental stress and tension. Whether your stress is caused by a physical aliment or simply tension at work, introducing regular swim spa time to your routine can help your look after your body and reduce stress levels as a bi-product.


Doctors, physios and health professionals can’t be wrong

Hydrotherapy is highly recommended by man doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals as an effective way of treating many different illnesses related to stress – both mental and physical, and as one of the most common illnesses these days, a swim spa could be great way to help keep your stress levels lowered and leave you feeling physically fitter too.


Installing a swim spa in your own home means that you have easy access to hydrotherapy whenever you need it. Whether you have only a small amount of space to place one or plenty of room, bespoke swim spas can be installed easily, even in the most compact of areas. In addition to this, if you’re worried about adding more stress to your life by having to look after your swim spa, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are also easily maintained, as they require fewer chemicals and less cleaning due to their compact size.


Whatever stress you’re under, be it physical or mental – or perhaps a combination of the two, adding a swim spa to your home is sure to leave you with a feeling of mental and physical wellness.