Spa De La Mare multi-jet Hydrotherapy Spas and Swimspas can meet the highest criteria with product and design. Because our range is individually manufactured the Swimspa and Spa range can be adapted to suit the clients vision, commercially or privately.


All Spa De La Mare Spas and Swimspas can be supplied with a “Water Fall Rim”. This allows swimming pool water to circulate through the spa giving constant water changes. Ideal in a Hotel or Leisure Club situation.

Bespoke-Swim-Spa-Cleo-1 High Profile Builds

Cleopatra VI Rectangle

Our largest dual depth swimmer built, measuring 10 metre x 4 metre x 1.5 metre water depth with steps and finished with an automatic pool cover.

Bespoke-Spa-Pool-2 High Profile Builds

Coliseum DL Spa & Pool

Overflow multi jet hydrotherapy Coliseum Spa with steps leading to a curved concrete pool, both fully tiled with Bahamas and trimmed in Caraibes mosaic to match the soft contours of the room.

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-3 High Profile Builds

Coliseum Spa & Pool

Exquisitely built 11 metre x 5 metre fully tiled concrete pool incorporating a Multi Tiled Hydrotherapy Coliseum spa which enhances the beauty of the surrounds and staircase.

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-8 High Profile Builds

Cleopatra II SE Swimspa

Overflow multi jet hydrotherapy 5 metre Swimspa, with mosaic and anti-slip tiles, stainless steel hand rail and weir channel.

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-9 High Profile Builds

Cleopatra II Swimspa & Coliseum Spa Pools

Set within the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, the 6 metre multi jet hydrotherapy Cleopatra II Swimspa provides an invigorating swim or the choice to lie back and breathe in the landscape in one of the two multi jet hydrotherapy Coliseum Spa Pools.

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-39 High Profile Builds

Cleopatra III Swimspa 8m

Multi Jet Hydrotherapy Cleopatra III Swimspa with roller heat retention blanket, designed to meet the calming ambience of the room.

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-47 High Profile Builds

Cleopatra III Swimspa 9m

Exquisite Bespoke Cleopatra III multi jet hydrotherapy Swimspa with Stainless Steel Swimjet Rail.

9 metres x 3 metres x 1.45 metres deep

High-Profile-bespoke-Spa-Pools-27 High Profile Builds

Coliseum Spas & Commercial Pool

Provided for a commercial company, a fully tiled concrete pool, with handrails and sectioned off to include a children’s pool and two multi jet hydrotherapy Coliseum Spas with steps.