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Why a bespoke Swim Spa

Bespoke Swim Spa Pool

Reasons You May Need a Bespoke Swim Spa

A swim spa can provide so many benefits to those with ongoing illnesses or injuries. Even those without long-term health issues see swim spas as an effective way to keep them in shape; for many amateur and professional athletes swim spas are the perfect way to stay fit, made all the more easier if they have a convenient swim spa at home.


Here are just some of the reasons why you may need a swim spa:




You can, of course, buy a swim spa off the shelf that has already been designed to a specific size and shape, but what if you need something to fit your home, your lifestyle and your health needs? Luckily, Spa de la Mare can build bespoke swim spas to any size and specification.



Swim spas are compact and easy to install, so even smaller homes with little space can benefit from having a swim spa installed. Designing your own swim spa means you can decide on a size that suits your space and your physical requirements.



Having a bespoke swim spa means you can pick the size, shape and finish. You can even choose the specification for water pressure and jets so that your swim spa suits your individual health needs.


To get the very best from your swim spa, you can decide on jet positioning. This ensures the hydrotherapy is working where you want it to and targeting the correct places for you and your aliment or injury. This is very beneficial for those suffering from back pain, circulation problems and rheumatoid arthritis.



Ensuring your swim spa suits your health is imperative, but it’s also a nice to be able to choose the type of tiles and fixtures and fittings that are going to complete your swim spa.


It’s somewhere you are going to spend a lot of time relaxing and exercising, so you want it to be all to your style preference. You can choose from shimmering two-tone glass or mosaics, detailed border finishes or even have your own motif included in the design. Or perhaps you have a vision of your swim spa in a certain colour? The world really is your oyster when it comes to creating a bespoke design to fit your style and your décor.



For those with physical injury or illness, easy access to your swim spa is imperative. Ladders or built in steps? You can design how you get in or out of your swim spa to fit your mobility requirements.


Of course, for some people a standard swim spa will be more than adequate, but if there are reasons you’d like to customise your own swim spa, Spa de la Mare can help you get the perfect swim spa for your needs.